The Unknown Mountain

The Unknown Mountain

A documentary shot and narrated by Jim Curran, describing the Indo-British 1994 expedition to an unclimbed Himalayan Peak, led by Chris Bonington.


Rhythmic, calm and careful, Jim Curran narrates his compelling footage of this exploration of an unclimbed Himalayan Ridge. We meet in the heat of Bombay as Chris and Harish warm up for the expedition by exercising with the cities inhabitants on the Bombay racetrack. Then it’s a genteel overnight train and rail car to Shimla, in a routine, though perhaps not style, familiar to many who now travel the popular journey to the Himalayan foothills.

On the walk in Chris scouts out his future climbing holidays on the granite crags that line the path, and directional disagreements between the English and Indian mountaineers begin, the absolute conviction of Chris assured by a upon a hundred, no 1000 rupee bet… as the jolly debate continues the donkeys get restless until, introduced by drumbeat the mountain enters the screen like a glistening temple.
As the expedition progresses it is evident that, despite the confidence suggested by Currans' assured narrative, the edition is never a forgone conclusion, and each member of the team must cope with their own fears as river crossings, fragile wind slab and altitude sickness threaten moral.
A fantastic insight into the demanding, slightly random and apparently unerringly polite experience of a Bonington exploratory expedition.

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Culture and Mountaineering
Chris Bonington, Harish Kapadia, Jim Fotherington, Graham Little, Jim Lowther and Paul Nunn
Jim Curran
Allen Jewhurst
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SD (4:3)
The Unknown Mountain


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