Off The Rails

Off The Rails

Two young Australians cycle from Bejing to Moscow, a distance of over 11,000 kilometres in thirteen months. But this is not a story about cycling or merely travel,  it's about two people on a voyage of discovery and personal growth.


Pedal power on the Russian back roads to Beijing.

Two young men embark on a grand adventure and cycle from Moscow to Beijing. Their amazing journey on their pedal powered armchairs took them across the great Russian tundra, through the dense Taiga forest and finally the Gobi desert on the high Mongolian plateau to Tiananmen Square. 11,000 kilometres in thirteen months. The journey was forbidden from the outset. Thieves would attack them and steal everything within the first 100 kms ... the winter would freeze them ... they would drown in the spring thaw ... the Mafia would terrorise them ... they would be eaten alive by Siberian mosquitoes, and finally they would be lost forever in the Gobi desert.

Off the Rails is not a story about cycling, or even travel. Its is about two people who embark on a voyage of discovery about the world and themselves.

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Mountain Biking and Trekking & Travel
Tim Cope
Richard Dennison
Richard Dennison, Orana Films and Making Movies NZ
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Off The Rails


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