Project Mina

Project Mina

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Project Mina follows pro-climber Mina Leslie-Wujastyk through her 2013 Bouldering World Cup Season as well as climbing on real rock in the Peak District and Rocklands, South Africa. But it's more than just a climbing film. This is a film about dedication,


Pro-climber Mina Leslie-Wujastyk is one of the world’s best outdoor boulderers, with multiple ascents of 8a+ and some of the boldest first female ascents in the world such as Careless Torque, 8a under her belt. However, while she could be out on rock enjoying fresh air and success, she chooses to dedicate much of her time to training and competing on the world cup circuit, where she isn’t quite as good. Why? This is what Project Mina tries to work out, creating more than just a climbing film – it’s a story about dedication, struggle, determination and finding your way, exploring the moments in-between the top-outs and trophies we’re so used to seeing. With footage from world cup stages to intense core workouts to quiet ascents in Rocklands, South Africa and the Peak District, UK, Project Mina explores the highs and lows of a professional climber’s life, from training and food, to understanding that hard work does not guarantee success. Ultimately, Project Mina is a documentary about an individual simply trying to get better at something they struggle with and working out which path is right for them along the way.

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Mina Leslie-Wujastyk
Jen Randall
Jen Randall
Project Mina


A really lovely little film trying to get into the mind of a pro-climber. It goes far beyond the usual "watch a pro climber wrestle with and ultimately succeed in a big project", and explores the hopes and fears that hide behind the cool FAs. Part of this is because it's also beautifully shot and skillfully directed. Probably the best climbing film I've seen.
Lucy Abel
14 April 2016

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