The 80s: Birth of Extreme - Vol.1

Release Date: 2007
Duration: 1:08
Genres: Adventure Racing Films & Movies Kayak & Canoe Films and Movies Mountaineering Films & Movies Adventure Sports Films & Movies Rock Climbing Films & Movies
Featuring: Jimmy Jewell, Stevie Haston, Shaun Barker, Colin Donnelly, Phil Blaine & Dave Crook
Director: Alun Hughes
Producers: Alun Hughes
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  • 'Bad hair, bad lycra; what more could you want?'

    Vol.1 of a two volume collection of classic 1980's films from Alun Hughes. 

    Total Control with Jimmy Jewell (35mins)
    Extreme solo climbing in North Wales. 'It's nice to see someone 200 feet up in the air without a rope; it's a liberating thing.' – Stevie Haston

    Waterfall Kayak with Shaun Baker (12mins)
    Winner of several international film festival awards, this is the original extreme kayak film. 'This film makes climbers look like wimps!' – Jerry Moffatt

    The Fourteen Peaks with Colin Donnelly (12mins)
    After 20 years, Colin Donnelly's record still stands. The epic run over the 3000ft peaks of Snowdonia.

    Swallow Falls (5mins)
    The first descent of Swallow Falls by Canadian canoe, with Phil Blaine and Dave Crook.

    Volume 2 available here.

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